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Safe, Fast, Flexible EV DC Charging  

Discover why Marvel EV Charging Station is at the forefront of future-proof digital advertising. The high-definition colour LCD screen is easy to operate and user friendly and is fully visible in direct sunshine. Marvel’s EV Charging Solutions feature RFID and mobile app user access, which make these EV chargers ideal for various commercial applications like EV parking, fleet charging and also residential.

Utilises the advanced Ocular IQ technology to enable billing via OCPP for the EV charging sessions.


Charge two cars simutaneously.

App control

Powered by Monta

Smart DC Chargers

With power outputs between 40 kW and 180kW, fast charging stations increase charging speeds dramatically.

EV Just like their DC counterparts, DC fast charging stations are easy-to-use: just tap to pay, plug in, charge, and be on your way. for business are designed to be weatherproof, shockproof, and can withstand 24/7 charging.

Large screen

8 inch touch screen

Universal compatibility

Compatible with every EV as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles.


Datesheet 120KW/160KW/180KW
Dimensions(W *T* H) 830*620* 1870 mm
Display screen 8' color touch sceen
AC input voltage range 3P 380V±10%(CCS2) 3P 480V±10%(CCS1)
Current harmonics(THDI) ≤5%
Efficiency 96%(full load)
DC output voltage range 200- 1000Vdc
Single Gun output current 0-200A(CCS1&CCS2) 0-250A(GBT)
Heat dissipation mode Air cooling
Charger length 5m
Noise <65dB
Power distribution Equalization Intelligent distribution Cutting
Start Mode Plug &Play / RFID/APP
Emergency Stop Yes
Ingress Protection IP54
Operation Platform OCPP1.6
Communication mode CAN communication
Communication protocol ISO15118/DIN70121
Charger gun standard CCS1(American standard) CCS2( European standard) GB/T(China standard)
Charger mode IEC 61851 Charging mode4

Go with sustainability

Whatever your business powering a low carbon future and an efficient transport operation is at your fingertips with premium hardware and intelligent software. Marvel Charge is committed to supplying quality, safety and efficiency through our EV charging solutions. We are dedicated to sustainability. The benefits of EVs go beyond environmental impact. Lower running costs and impressive brand imagery illustrating your business vision to support a cleaner and brighter future.