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Smart & Fast Commercial EV Charging Solutions

 Add digital outdoor advertising screens to your EV charger to unlock new revenue, expand your charging network faster, and deliver tailored messages to customers where the EV charger is located. No matter you’re looking to add a commercial EV charging station to your property or want to upgrade your existing system, Marvel Charge has the solution which is right for you. With true Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and three levels of connectivity, our EV commercial charging stations feature a modern compact design and easy-to-read display. Designed to suit your business, we provide a fully serviced EV charging package from start to finish and backup support.

Dual 7kW/11KW/22kW

Charge two cars simutaneously.

App control

Powered by Monta

EV Advertising Charging Station

Plug and play /card swipe /App to get a charge instantly.It’s easy to use and install, floor-stand installation. Our commercial EV advertising charging stations feature a modern slim layout and easy-to-read screen. Creating a charging station that’s right for your needs made simple . Contact us to find out more about charging solution.

Large screen

32inch digital outdoor advertising screens

Universal compatibility

Compatible with every EV as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles.


Datasheet 14kw/22kw/44kw
Input Power Supply 1P+N+PE/3P+N+PE
Rated Voltage 230V/380V
Rated Current 32/64A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Output Voltage 230V/380V AC
Maximum Current 32/64A
Rated Power 14kw/22kw/44kw
User interface Charge Connector  TYPE 2 Cables
Cable Length 5m
LED Display 32" touch screen
Enclosure Material ABS
Start Mode Plug &Play / APP /RFID
Safety Ingress Protection IP65
Electrial Protection Over current protection,Residual current protection ,Ground protection,Surge protection,Over/Under voltage proctection,Over/Under frequency protection,Over/Under temperature protection
Certification CE TUV
Certification Standard EN IEC 61851,EN 62196
Environment Installation Wall mount/Pole mount
Work Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Work Humidity 3%~95%
Work Altitude <2000m
Package   Product Dimension 550*150*1600mm
Gross Weight 100kg
External Package Wooden box

Go with sustainability

Whatever your business powering a low carbon future and an efficient transport operation is at your fingertips with premium hardware and intelligent software. Marvel Charge is committed to supplying quality, safety and efficiency through our EV charging solutions. We are dedicated to sustainability. The benefits of EVs go beyond environmental impact. Lower running costs and impressive brand imagery illustrating your business vision to support a cleaner and brighter future.