8 Things You Should Know About the EV Industry

Electric vehicles (EVs) are critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that contribute to climate change. With internal-combustion passenger cars contributing about 60 percent of the carbon pollution the transportation sector creates, EVs are essential to a clean energy future. But EVs are more important to our world than just that. Here are eight essential facts about […]

10 Reasons to Invest in EV Charging Stations

1. Consumer demand for EV charging continues to grow. Without widespread public charging stations, EVs could use only the power available from their batteries, severely reducing range. Charging stations allow owners to charge their electric vehicles while running errands, at work, or traveling. For entrepreneurs and business owners, this presents an opportunity.  The most common […]

Top 6 Factors Impacting the ROI of Your EV Charging Station

With the EV charging market expected to exceed $823 billion by 2030, owning and investing in EV charging stations has attracted the interest of business owners and entrepreneurs. One of the biggest draws is that EV charging stations can be operated as either a standalone business or a value-added feature of an existing business. So how […]